Commercial Kitchen

The 1,152 square foot Commercial Kitchen is available to rent by the hour for any member of the public – from Dayton, outlying neighboring communities, or the region. The Commercial Kitchen can be rented for many different purposes, occasionally or on a regular basis, whatever fits your needs.

Here are some of the identified uses of the kitchen:

  • Start-up food processing businesses that need part-time facilities rather than renting a full-time processing space.
  • Potential entrepreneurs that need a place to conduct product research and development.
  • Local farmers that need a certified water source with which to wash their produce before selling at market.
  • Community members that need a place to prepare, process, and preserve food for their own use or for sale at a farmers market or other venue.
  • Caterers that need a certified kitchen to prepare food for a local event.
  • Community service clubs that need certified space for food preparation.
  • Food Truck Operators that need a certified food prep area.
  • 4-H Groups, colleges, community groups, businesses or residents that would like to hold cooking classes or culinary demonstrations.

Please read the Kitchen Rental Process and Fee Schedule for detailed information on how to rent the kitchen.

A Commercial Kitchen User Agreement must be entered into with the Port of Columbia for all Kitchen users. (Click here to view the User Agreement documentation.)

Specifications and details on the Commercial Kitchen can be found here.

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