Welcome to Blue Mountain Station!

Three craft beverage processors, three small food processors, a commercial kitchen, an on-site garden and nursery, a co-op owned market and we’re growing.

Blue Mountain Station offers you an exciting opportunity to experience food and drink like you never have before, bringing together regional artisan food producers, local produce, art and craft vendors, a commercial kitchen, and a Co-op market providing local food, products and services to grow a healthy, sustainable community!  Our 28 acre site is located next to Highway 12 right outside of Dayton, Washington.  Products made on-site in our food processing bays, produce grown on-site in our garden, and other regional food and craft products are offered to the public through the BMS Co-op Market & Nursery. Check out the latest news from the best source for produce in Columbia County!

BMS Co-op Market & Nursery Hours

Tuesday – Sunday

10 am – 6 pm


Food & Beverage Processing:

The Port of Columbia offers additional business support and resources as well as marketing for the entire food park.
For more information, contact Jennie at 509-382-2577 or jennie@portofcolumbia.org.

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Bard & Bee Meadery

Cedar Rain Spirits

Red Band Cellars

Blue Mountain Station Co-op & Nursery

Sweet Cheeks Bakeshop


North Home Bees

Rey’s Roast

Blue Mountain Station Garden

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4 months ago

Blue Mountain Station
Come try premium liqueurs from Cedar Rain Spirits at the Oktoberfest ‘22 Fall Family Festival on Saturday, Sept. 24, at Blue Mountain Station.Started in 2019, Cedar Rain Spirits is a family-owned business that sells a range of alcoholic beverages including premium vodka, vanilla bean vodka, traditional coffee liqueur, and cold brew coffee liqueur.Owner Robert McNicol remembers that he was first interested in starting his own business in 2014 while on active duty in the Air Force.“I had experience in construction, military and corporate America, but none of those were a family business starter that I felt right about,” Robert says.Eventually, Robert was inspired by his parents, who had started making their own vodka-based coffee liqueur. Once he realized that his family could profit from their liqueur-making skills, he started planning.While brainstorming a business name, Robert and his family thought about what made them happy–drinking their homemade liqueur on camping trips in the Pacific Northwest. They chose Cedar Rain Spirits because cedar trees and rainy days are abundant in the region.Robert says that the best part about working in a family-owned business is that his family has the opportunity to create a work environment with their own standards.“We are a very hard-working family, and we try to put a smile on everyone’s face,” he says. “We have taken our family values and instilled them into our business culture.”--In addition to Cedar Rain Spirits, the Fall Family Festival features live music, delicious food, raffle giveaways, and fun activities for all ages. The event runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and admission is free. See you there! For more information, visit bluemountainstation.com and click on the Fall Festival banner ad. ... See MoreSee Less
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5 months ago

Blue Mountain Station
Rogue Lobster will perform live at the upcoming Oktoberfest ’22 Fall Family Festival on Saturday, Sept. 24, at Blue Mountain Station.Together since 2013, Rogue Lobster is a modern folk and bluegrass band composed of four members: Libby Miller (cello, vocals), JR Van Slyke (banjo, guitar, vocals), Jerry Yokel (bluegrass fiddle, mandolin, harmonica), and Adam Kirtley (lead guitar, vocals).We recently caught up with members of Rogue Lobster to learn more about the group:Q: How did Rogue Lobster begin, and what has kept you together for nearly a decade?Adam: From the beginning this ensemble was about the joy that comes from playing and singing together… We all write, and we all respect each other’s musicianship. That collaborative process is what keeps us coming back.Q: Is there any special meaning or significance behind your band name?Adam: Jerry and I played for over 20 years in a Celtic pub band called The Rogues. That fact combined with a silly autocorrect error that turned ‘Libby’ into ‘Lobster’ ended up giving us our name.Q: What are your hobbies or favorite pastimes?Adam: We all have day jobs and families, so I suspect most of us would list music as our primary hobby.JR: I like to travel and get into the backcountry with my family whenever I can. I can't always take my instruments with me, but songwriting is always portable.Jerry: Nature, art, literature…all help with the creative vision.Q: What challenges do you face when recording music and managing a busy performance schedule?JR: My wife and boys sometimes roll their eyes at me throughout a particularly busy weekend of music playing, but they are largely understanding of how important music is to my life. And nine times out of 10, the grind of performing live music is offset by the appreciation of our audience, the soul that comes from our harmonies, and the camaraderie of bandmates before, during and after our shows.Q: Where do you find inspiration?JR: Songs to me are like salmon smolt swimming up a stream full of great blue herons. Few are going to make it, but that fact makes each one that does all the more significant. My muse tends to visit when I routinely give myself free thought with a touch of physical exercise. When I bike to work, go on evening walks, hike a backcountry trail...that's when the creativity tends to flow best.Q: What is your favorite part of being in a band?Adam: For me, it’s the mystery and spirituality of four people sitting close to each other making music. Those four people doing four different things can create something sacred. Getting to do that in public or in JR’s basement is one of the greatest privileges and joys of my life.JR: Our band provides an outlet for creativity which, in turn, keeps me striving for creativity in my life.Jerry: Compared to work and everyday life, the band ranks very high in positive experience. Even the equipment setup and takedown is easy. The accompanying banter helps.Q: Any funny experiences?Adam: The biggest laughs in our band, I think, are probably from silly, not-so-funny-to-other-people moments that happen when we’re just hanging out. We’re very close friends, which can be marked by relentless laughs at the expense of one member.Jerry: When people from Seattle ask where we’re from because, surely, a band with this much talent can’t be local.Q: What does the creative process look like when you’re writing a new song?Adam: Usually, one of us will bring a new song to the group, and we’ll all play with it for a few weeks. Sometimes songs come to the group almost fully formed. Other times, those songs are still in formation. Either way, we take raw material and work together to create new pieces.JR: We’re a supportive and collaborative songwriting project. Each member does a nice job of bringing good material to the group, and the group does a nice job of hearing new possibilities and incorporating those ideas into the final form. We usually give one bandmate the credit of writing a given song, but most of our original pieces reflect the contributions of everyone.Jerry: It can start with a wordless melody or just lyrics. Then we experiment with different instrumentation and vocal harmonies.--We hope you enjoyed getting to know Rogue Lobster a little better. Drop by and hear their music live on Saturday, Sept. 24, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Blue Mountain Station’s Fall Family Festival. In addition to music, the event features delicious food and drink, giveaways, and fun activities for all ages to enjoy. Admission is free. See you there! ... See MoreSee Less
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