Downtown Dayton

For a small, rural town of about 2,500 people, Dayton has a vibrant, nostalgic downtown business district filled with gourmet restaurants, elegant lodging, diverse retail, and ample services. Changes in Dayton’s economic structure due to new efficiencies in agriculture caused a decline in Dayton’s downtown until the 1980s. A town meeting was called, and the citizens of Dayton and Columbia County decided to band together and turn things around. Economic diversification efforts coupled with a downtown revitalization project have created this vibrant retail district that both visitors and residents can enjoy. Please visit the Dayton Chamber of Commerce visitor center at 202 E Main Street or visit for complete visitor information.


Dayton’s retail offerings vary from an old-fashioned hardware store to art galleries to an old-fashioned soda fountain. The retail district is one of 3 National Historic Districts in Dayton, so not only will you enjoy the store offerings, but also the buildings themselves. Please visit the Dayton Chamber of Commerce Shopping Page for a full listing of retail stores.



Dayton’s famous restaurants were one of the catalysts for the Blue Mountain Station concept. Boy, do we know how to do FOOD! From Mexican dishes to Farm-to-Table to American eclectic, foodies will revel in the options we offer for such a small, quaint community. Visit the Dayton Chamber of Commerce Dining Page for a full listing of restaurants.



Whether you seek Victorian elegance, a hotel-with-a-pool, an RV park or a Vacation Rental, Dayton and Columbia County have a lodging option that will work for you. Visit the Dayton Chamber of Commerce Lodging Page for a full listing of lodging options.



From insurance to real estate, Downtown Dayton has many options for almost every service you need. Visit the Dayton Chamber of Commerce Members for a full business listing.

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