Mule Team

Columbia County’s residents treasure their agricultural history, which is why the Blue Mountain Station business development project fits so well in our community.


Rolling HillsColumbia County’s landscape and climate create an opportunity for dry land farming. Wheat is the primary crop grown here, with barley and legumes (like peas and garbanzo beans) used as rotation crops. Columbia County’s farmers are some of the most productive in the world, and use cutting edge farming practices to preserve the soil. The patchwork “quilt” created by strip farming and fallow crops in greens, browns, and golds make for a beautiful landscape in almost any season.




Warren Orchard PearsDown in the Touchet Valley where water is plentiful, many other diverse crops are grown and artisan producers are operating. Just down the road from Blue Mountain Station is the Monteillet Fromagerie, an artisanal farmstead creamery famous for their amazing cheeses.  Dumas Station Winery, also located just down the road from Blue Mountain Station, has a tasting room open weekends and for special events. Both products are also sold in the BMS Co-op Market. Several local farms and gardens, including Wolther Family Farms, offers fresh seasonal produce through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), at the BMS Co-op Market, or at local restaurants. Warren Orchard produces beautiful apples and pears and has on-farm sales. They are located on the North Touchet Road. Be sure and look for the Indian Head on the hill above the orchard, which is best viewed in late afternoon. Be sure to check each producer’s website or Facebook page for more information.

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