The BMS Co-op Market & Nursery operates in Suite F of the Artisan Food Center at Blue Mountain Station.  The Co-op can be reached at 509-731-3746.

BMS Co-op & Nursery Hours


10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The market’s focus is on local and regional foods and products, including items made by the Artisan food businesses processing goods on site.   Items may be sold on consignment by regional producers through the co-op, and outside vendors are invited to sell their own goods on Saturdays if desired.

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The BMS Co-op & Nursery invites both vendors and consumer to join our membership.  Click on the  links below for more information:

BMS Co-Op Membership Application

BMS Vendor Policy

If you have questions about being a vendor or becoming a member of the BMS Co-op Market & Nursery, please contact us via email at

Our Vision:


Mission Statement:

BMS Co-op Market & Nursery is a cooperative market that works to increase consumer access to affordable, healthy and responsibly produced food and environmentally friendly products in Dayton, WA and surrounding neighborhoods. As a socially and environmentally responsible organization, we seek to create and nurture relationships with other Co-ops, farms, small businesses and producers that are local, sustainable and natural. We believe that bringing our neighborhood together around good food can strengthen community connections, promote economic and cultural diversity while increasing overall health in Dayton, Washington.

What is a Food Co-op?

A cooperative of any kind is usually formed to help two or more people join forces to accomplish something they probably couldn’t do on their own.

A food co-op is a customer-owned, non-profit store that provides high quality food from local farmers, gardeners, and food processors, educates consumers on sustainable food practices (like gardening and cooking classes), and supports the economy by providing an outlet for local products.

Sprouting screens and seeds are some of the many diverse products offered by the BMS Co-op.

BMS Co-op & Nursery Hours

Tuesday to Sunday

10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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