LEED Certified

LEED Certification LogoThe Artisan Food Center has been constructed to Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) standards. LEED is a US Green Building Council program in which an entity can earn points during design of a building toward a certain certification level. Points can be earned through the use of energy efficient ventilation systems, native landscaping, insulation levels, etc.

Why build to LEED standards? LEED construction can:

• Lower operating costs and increase asset value
• Conserve energy, water, and other resources
• Be healthier and safer for occupants

After construction is a complete, the entity has one year in which to prove the points have been earned. The Artisan Food Center is seeking Silver Certification, and we hope that all future buildings at Blue Mountain Station will also seek LEED certification.

Click here for a document that explains the LEED certification process in more detail. Click here to visit the US Green Building Council’s LEED website.