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The Artisan Food Center was constructed through the summer of 2013

Blue Mountain Station offers you an exciting opportunity to be part of a unique business model that we hope will revolutionize the artisan food processing industry. This new 28-acre food park is located next to Highway 12 right outside Dayton, Washington. Infrastructure has been installed on the first 8 acres, and our first building, the Artisan Food Center, was completed in December of 2013. The second building was completed in October 2019.  With this new business park, the Port of Columbia is creating a cluster of artisan food and beverage processors with the fun of food tourism at this site nestled in the scenic Touchet Valley.

Dayton is set at the foot of the Blue Mountains of Eastern Washington, nestled amongst the rolling fertile farmland and forested slopes of the Palouse. A popular destination renowned for its abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, beautifully restored downtown, world-class restaurants, and stately historic homes, Dayton, and the surrounding Columbia County is also a region blessed by a historically rich culture of great food and wine.

Embracing this culture, the Port of Columbia is developing Blue Mountain Station, the world’s very first destination eco-food processing park dedicated to the recruitment and marketing of artisan food processors, primarily in the natural and organic sectors. Blue Mountain Station is the anchor of a vertically integrated brand program beginning with the farmer and extending to the processor, the wholesaler, the retailer, and, ultimately, to the quality-minded, health-conscious consumer. The park will blend sustainable, locally-produced agriculture with artisan food processing and food tourism in a setting that is in keeping with the environmental and architectural integrity of Dayton.

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