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700 Artisan Way, Dayton, WA
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Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to Blue Mountain Blue, a rare, blue-veined cheese that is expertly crafted by the Blue Mountain Affinage Company of Dayton, Washington. Blue Mountain Affinage Company operates as a cheesemaker, affineur and purveyor of their flagship brand of cave-aged blue cheese. Because Blue Mountain Blue is brandy-basted, Blue Mountain Affinage is a sister business of XO Alambic craft distillery, with whom it co-locates. Blue Mountain Blue is featured at its signature event, Red, White & Blue Fest, held on Independence Day every year.

Blue Mountain Blue is made from the raw milk of a small herd of dairy cows, all of whom share the same Irish Shorthorn-Holstein cross in their breeding. The oldest, smartest and most productive of the prized herd is ‘Old Blue,’ treasured by the Blue Mountain Affinage Company for her confidently serene disposition and superb pasture manners. Old Blue and her herd-sisters graze on lush stands of grasses and clovers, and are solely pasture-fed. Their health and nutrition are always at their optimum, owing to expert bovine husbandry and pasture management. As such, the prized herd is never subjected to the bovine growth hormone rbST.

Blue Mountain Blue is sold in six-pound rounds, each signed and numbered, and is available on a reservation basis at